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Periodically, Be in Health offers two-day conferences across the United States. These are an excellent introduction into the spirit-soul-body connection and how spiritually rooted issues can affect our health. Be in Health connects what science has observed along with scriptural precepts regarding your health in a way like no one else. The result has been tens of thousands healed by God from all manner of diseases because they understood the spiritual root cause of their problem and learned how to overcome it. What you learn at these conferences isn’t just about healing but about disease PREVENTION, so that you can avoid that pathways that may lead to disease in your life. Whether you are sick, discouraged, have a loved one who is sick, or just want to grow closer to God, we offer hope and real solutions from the Bible. Come join us and bring your friends and loved-ones to this life-changing weekend. Along with teaching, we will be doing laying on hands prayer and ministry at the end of each conference to allow our Heavenly Father to come and work powerfully in your life.

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