The Possible Spiritual Root of Migraines

“A migraine is a type of headache pain known as psychogenic pain. Psychogenic means it is not caused by any known organic reason. It is not pain because of injury. It comes, and it goes, and it is incredibly painful. It may bring with it nausea, flashing lights, and a complete shutting down of one’s ability to cope with life.” (A quote from A More Excellent Way by Dr. Henry W. Wright) Through his studies, Dr. Wright dug down to the source of the problem to identify the possible spiritual root of migraines. These Biblical insights are written in the book, A More Excellent Way®. Through this book and in his many years of ministry he led thousands of people to complete healing and recovery from chronic migraines. These Biblical insights are real solutions for migraines; no meds required.

Through the information provided in A More Excellent Way, you may recognize the spiritual dynamics that can cause migraine headaches. You will learn the Biblical truths from the Word of God that will help you overcome those pathways of thought that trigger migraines. Many people who have applied this truth to their lives, with God’s help, have completely overcome migraines and are no longer controlled by them. This is a more excellent way.

Here are Dr. Wright’s observations about the possible spiritual root of migraines from his book, A More Excellent Way©.

There are two parts to migraines. First, there is a reduction in the secretion of serotonin, and second, there is an increase in histamine secretion. This can be triggered by guilt resulting from conflict in your life in conjunction with fear. It is not the conflict itself triggering a migraine. It is the internal conflict you have with yourself over an external conflict that triggers the migraine; whether it is real or imagined.

You might have guilt because you think you spent too much money, and you have a little argument with your husband over how much you spent. The argument about this little infringement in finances is not what causes the migraine. It is the guilt you have with yourself producing the migraine.

Migraines are triggered in people who have conflict with themselves about conflicts in life or conflicts with others. It is often rooted in guilt. Many migraines are rooted in guilt (although some migraines may be a symptom of another underlying condition such as high-blood pressure, vision conditions, and other health conditions including side effects from some medications). Out of this guilt comes fear, and it is usually in this order. It is guilt first, then fear.

Here is the mechanism. As you enter into guilt over some issue, the hypothalamus gland senses you are in conflict with yourself. A Mechanism of self-hatred sets in, causing the pineal gland to slow down the secretion level of serotonin. This causes a lower serotonin level. The conflict develops in the realm of the soul, and the spirit of fear starts to move. Anxiety concerning the issue starts, and histamine begins to be over-secreted in the cranial region (in your head).

Serotonin is a vasoconstrictor. When your serotonin levels are normal, they maintain the diameter of your blood vessels just the way God intended and they carry your blood supply into each region of your body.

Histamine is a vasodilator. As the serotonin levels are decreased, and histamine is increased, you have a resulting dilation of the blood vessels. Swelling of the blood vessels puts pressure on the sensitive nerves, and this is what produces the migraine.

Serotonin and histamine are antagonistic to each other. When they are in opposition to each other in body functions, they repel each other. When serotonin levels are reduced because of guilt, then histamine levels increase because of fear. Histamine and serotonin are incompatible with each other in the human body…

Medication can manage these effects and temporarily work to balance a person’s serotonin and histamine levels. In ministry, our desire is for you not to have to take medication. Do you think God, would want to maintain His child on the earth through a pill? Or do you think He’d want to do better by dealing with the spiritual problem so His child would not have a migraine to begin with? He would solve the root problem, wouldn’t He? This is more excellent way.

In ministry, we come to people and start dealing with the guilt and the self-conflict. We address the spiritual dynamics tormenting them. We take the situation before the Lord, get them delivered and healed so when they are faced with conflict and failure, they can have God’s peace. They are no longer bound by guilt and conflict. They have been delivered; they have been healed. They no longer have lower serotonin levels. Fear is not there because anxiety is gone. Histamine is not secreted, and migraines do not develop. Our ministry helps people recognize these dynamics. Then, in the Walk Out stage of ministry, on their journey to total freedom, many of them are able to quickly stop a migraine before it gets a foothold. This is a more excellent way. This is true discernment and spiritual warfare producing long-term freedom.

Learning to deal with migraines, as with allergies, can take time. However, now you know a possible cause and the process, and you have the knowledge and the power of God to help you overcome.

Scriptures to help overcome the possible spiritual root of migraines

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7 KJV

The Word says that we do not battle against flesh and blood (or people), but our battle is with principalities and powers and spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12 KJV). What you are dealing with is a spiritual dynamic. You may be processing thoughts about something that happened through a perspective that is not from God. Those wrong thoughts can warp your understanding and begin to project fear into the future about the situation. This can cause stress in your body.

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. 1 Corinthians 13:12 KJV

It’s time to look at things from God’s perspective

What if you change your thoughts? What if you start asking God what He thinks about the situation? Ask Him to show you the spiritual battle, and clarify what is going on. Then go to the Word for direction and to establish His truth in your heart so you have a firm foundation to stand on. You can follow our teaching of the 8 Rs to Freedom to repent and be completely free from the guilt!

This will also help you learn how to deal with future conflicts and adverse situations properly. Then God can establish a new foundation for peace. Your confidence does not have to rest on your own performance any longer. Your confidence is in Him, He will protect you by His Holy Spirit and forgive you if you fall.

Get rooted and grounded in God’s Word

God’s Word should establish everything about the way you think. Fear, guilt, shame; all the principalities and works of the enemy cannot stand against the truth of God’s Word and His love towards us. We need to receive that, apply it to our lives, and ask God for the grace to give it to others too. We can walk in peace, not because we’re perfect, but because we have our confidence in the One who is perfect. In this reframed mindset, migraines won’t stand a chance!

These believers found real solutions for migraines when they understood the possible spiritual root of migraines, you can too!

Thanks To You, We Have Our Daughter Back!

God has given our family a wonderful praise to share. Our 11-year-old daughter, who has had migraines for a year, has been totally and completely healed by our Lord!

The information in Dr. Henry Wright’s book, A More Excellent Way, states that migraines can be triggered by guilt resulting from conflict in your life in conjunction with fear. The fear is something that threatens you and is enough to keep you awake all night.

I approached my daughter and asked if there was anything she was afraid to tell me. There was an event that happened when she was younger that she knew was wrong. Week after week, the other child involved in the incident would reinforce the fear and remind her not to tell. She knew she should tell us, but believed Satan’s lie that her parents wouldn’t love her anymore.

Once she confessed the fear and forgave this person, she slept that night without fear! Over the course of a month, as she slept, her body began to heal. The twice-a-month 4-day migraines disappeared.

One of the dearest moments for me was two months after all this had happened; my daughter smiled and said she didn’t have a migraine. She is no longer limited by a chronic disease that God never intended for her to have. We praise God for being faithful to His Word and for the knowledge you shared with us! – V.B.

(This is one of many testimonies found in the back of Dr. Henry W. Wright’s book, A More Excellent Way)

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What causes migraines? Dr. Wright identifies the possible spiritual root of migraines. Find real solutions for your life today! This article sheds light on what may be causing your migraine. Find healing in God and relief from migraines with no new meds, treatments or diets!

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