Can God Heal Cancer?

Melissa was healed of thyroid cancer as she learned to forgive herself and others. She no longer strives to earn her Heavenly Father’s love, and she loves herself. Here is her story of healing in God!

Searching for Hope

I grew up attending church, and I had a belief in God, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. But looking back, I realize I was afraid of the “big God in the sky” and anything bad I did meant I was going to hell. I don’t remember much of my childhood years. At eight years old, I was diagnosed as suicidal and as long as I can remember suffered with chronic back pain. At 16, it was recommended I have back surgery because of chronic pain. At 17, I was admitted to a mental health facility for two months for depression and a suicide attempt. I also began having sinus infections and bronchitis yearly.

It was at this time in my life I asked God to help me and really began searching for hope and relief. My life truly changed, I had seasons of peace, and hope, and many good things were happening. I was able to get off depression medication, and haven’t had to go back to it.

Then I began making choices that were not healthy for me or those around me. I lost hope, and was struggling mentally and emotionally and I didn’t reach out to the people around me for help. I knew Jesus and that He was my “Savior” but I didn’t realize my life could be any different than what it was. Years later, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer with lymph node involvement.

Learning How to Forgive

I heard about Be in Health® from friends who were familiar with my physical and emotional issues, and they were sharing how they were getting freedom and overcoming issues of their own. I ended up buying quite a few books from Be in Health and eventually came to the For My Life® Retreat. At the retreat, what I had been reading in Dr. Henry W. Wright’s books, and the Bible teachings I’d learned over the years, suddenly came together and made sense. Though I didn’t fully understand it yet, it was the beginning of actually letting go, trusting God, believing His Word is true. During the teachings I began to receive an understanding of God’s perfect love and an enlightenment of what fear is and how it works—recognizing where I had allowed fear to hijack me from a relationship with God and from a satisfying life. I had a relationship with Jesus, but didn’t trust and believe all that the Bible said, and didn’t understand the spirit world and my place as God’s daughter. I was able to recognize bitterness in my heart toward others, and why forgiving them and letting go of the offenses was the only way God could get to my heart and bring the healing and restitution that I didn’t even know I wanted. I remember during the teachings having such profound understanding of the Bible verses they were using, Bible verses I heard all my life but suddenly I had mental clarity that gave me a willingness to trust and surrender to God in way I never had before.

I believe the first breakthrough moment was August 2020, recognizing that I wanted payment back for all the hurt and brokenness I felt. When I was able to forgive, I believe that snowballed into wholeheartedly believing God loves me and being able to trust my heart was safe with Him.

During the For My Life Expanded Retreat, there was a teaching on cancer that was extremely difficult to sit through. I cried through most of the class and the urge to walk out was tied in with this feeling of “tell me more.” I remember thinking that it was putting words to everything I do! Everything I’m scared of and hate about myself, this teaching exposed it. Honestly it was an answer to prayer. How many times had I asked God: why do I act this way, why can’t I get better, why can’t I just do what Your Word says? He was revealing to me the habits and belief system I had in place that was hindering me. There was an enlightenment that my life wasn’t what God had originally purposed for me. As I began learning to trust God, He helped me to recognize when I was being bombarded mentally with “not God thoughts.”

I am free from thyroid cancer!

October of 2022, I had my yearly exams for the thyroid cancer. They came back suspicious and I had to have a few procedures done. There were a few things I really had to grapple with during that time. The desire to go into fear, isolation, despair—even thoughts of suicide were continuously bombarding my mind. During one of the procedures, I was getting angry and thinking God “knew what was going to happen” and why was “He making me go through this again” and He should have “just taken care of it last time.” I was upset, in fear, angry, and I just heard Him say, “so this is my fault? Are you accusing me of giving you cancer?” Then I heard (not audibly, just inside my head!), “I come to give life abundant, the devil brings death and destruction.” I repented and asked forgiveness for accusing God, but the choice to believe and flip the thought was weird and unfamiliar. I felt completely off and strange because I knew it was a pivotal moment in how I see God and how I choose to think and believe. And not just about my health, but about trusting that He wants good for me, that I am worthy of good things. Those reports came back clear! The night I got the news, I asked what to read and heard Psalm 30. The second verse says “oh Lord my God, I cried to you, and YOU HAVE HEALED ME.”

When I read that, I knew God had taken away the cancer and I am healed.

God’s Love Changed Me and God Healed Me

Applying the Biblical knowledge that Be in Health teaches, I am joyful. I know what peace that passes all understanding means. I have compassion for people now in a way that is balanced, safe for me, and not self-sacrificing. It is not easy changing patterns of behavior, letting go of defense mechanisms I’ve used to “protect” myself. It sounds so easy: trust God, let go, believe… I’ve heard it my whole Christian life. I tried to do it all—trust, let go, believe. I’d feel like progress was happening but then I’d be right back to the same old things that inevitably left me feeling hopeless and believing this is how life is supposed to be on earth. Experiencing His perfect love, understanding the spirit side of life—it’s so important to accept it for the gift it is. I’m healed, I’m loved, and I’m changed. The experience at For My Life was more than I could have ever imagined.

I’m on a journey of recognizing how I’ve strove for perfection and control. There are moments that I feel overwhelmed and think living God’s way is too hard. But the sweetest, coolest thing I’m learning is all that I’m required to do is love God, and accept and trust in His perfect love for me. And as I do that—it really isn’t that hard! Learning what love really means in the Kingdom of God blows my mind. I’m learning how to be intimate and honest with God and myself, and I feel my heart being made whole and expanding with joy and peace and kindness to myself and other people.

I love myself!

A lot of my relationships have changed now, and mostly it’s cool to say my relationship with myself is changed. I honestly feel like I’m coming back to life. I laugh, I dance, I socialize, I say yes to invites! When I used to “fail” or mess up, I imagined God kept a big tally in the sky and the consequences for my failure just got bigger and bigger. And I would beg God to punish me already so I could start fresh. For years, I would end my prayers with “God please don’t leave me, I’m sorry I don’t love you enough.” The torment was heavy. And it was a big, fat lie. I was stuck in life, consistently defeated; I had done all I knew to do. Believing and accepting the Father’s perfect love for me has healed me. Learning and implementing real, Biblical, spiritual truth has changed me.

For anyone searching for hope: you are important, your life is important, you have value, and you are loved.

Melissa N.
Overcomers’ Community Member

A cancer diagnosis does not have to be the final word. God cares about your spiritual well-being, and He cares about you. We have seen people healed of all kinds of cancers: breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, thyroid cancer, etc. Medical treatment can usually only help cancer patients so much. God wants us to heal us spiritually, and also give us physical healing by the power of the Holy Spirit. God calls us to have eternal life, but also abundant life here on earth. Can God heal cancer? Yes, He can!

Would you like to learn more about how to forgive yourself and others, and how that applies to diseases like cancer?

The Be in Health Team invites you to join us on this life-changing journey of healing and restoration that we call the Overcomers’ Journey. We want to help you regain your life, overthrow the enemy’s works in the world, and be a successful overcomer. We are dedicated to fulfilling the vision and mission to establish generations of overcomers that God charged Dr. Henry W. Wright and Pastor Donna Wright with when they first began the ministry of Be in Health over 30 years ago.

Maybe it’s time to take some time out for your life.

The For My life Retreat is a five-day, intensive healing retreat. It is a safe place to take time out for your life to be renewed in your mind, spirit, and body by the truth from God’s Word.

There is also a For My Life Online Course available, where you can participate with us from the comfort of your own home.

Be blessed and enjoy your Overcomers’ Journey!

The Be in Health Team


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